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Magento SEO

Magento is one of the best eCommerce applications in the market that is highly comprehensive and SEO friendly. It provides powerful SEO capabilities from every angle.

Not only the pages in Magento but you can provide unique URLs and Meta Tags for every product in Magento. Everything is inbuilt without requiring any additional plugin for SEO. 

Magento Meta Tags

In each page and each product attributes, the options for Meta Tags have been clearly mentioned. You can enter individual Meta Tags for each page as well as each product.

Magento URLs

The alias or URL key for each page and product gives you the option to specify unique URLs for all pages and products. The Meta Tags and URLs for the products can also be uploaded via .csv or .xml sheet along with product names, prices and other attributes.

Sitemap Generation

Magento has an inbuilt feature to generate the sitemap for the website as well. This sitemap can be regularly updated with a preset period.

From SEO perspective, you don't need any additional plugins in Magento to perform the basic SEO tasks. All of them are fully integrated into Magento itself which makes Magento the number one choice for ecommerce shops and online stores if you want to high well with Google.

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